Roller Shutter Rental Scheme with Britannia Security

Britannia security & Maintenance are one of the UK’s only manufacturer and supplier of security equipment for your premises who offer our customers a roller shutter rental scheme.  Our scheme gives you the opportunity to rent roller shutters, fencing & much more without the upfront costs normally seen with premise security equpiment installations.

As we manufacture in house we have the ability to rent out roller shutters and security products custom made to suit your needs without the custom price tag. Our roller shutter rental scheme is available throughout the uk, nationwide, so wherever your premises are, you can benefit from our fantastic roller shutter and security products.

All our rented shutters are maintained and serviced by us so you know that they will always be in the best condition to extend the life of our shutters.

You can also rent our other security products like our Anti-Ram posts, Perimeter Fencing and Window Grilles. Making the most of our products means your premises are super secure.

Our roller shutter rental scheme is ideal for customers who are looking to keep as much capital invested in stock for a new venture with the added benefit of the rental being tax deductible.


We would love to help you with your security needs, why not contact us today for a free quote?

Why Rent?

No Capital Investment

Renting roller shutters & security equipment allows you to meet the security demands of your business without significant upfront costs.

Cost Efficiency

Spare Capital can be invested in stock and turned into additional profit rather then sitting in your security equipment.

Transparent Costs

All our shutters are rented out with a transparent breakdown of the costs set out in a clear structure.

Tax deductible

As the rental of equipment is a tax deductible expense allowing you to write off the cost against your corporation tax.