Commercial Electric Fencing

pulse secure perimeter

Here at Britannia security & maintenance we supply and install the most advanced electric fencing systems available to industrial sites & large commercial clients. Our reliable, high quality electric fence systems as standard introduce an electric pulse every 1.3seconds causing anyone who comes into contact with the system to have a very uncomfortable shock and triggering the alarm system. Our Electric fence system can be fitted onto existing fencing/walls or installed from new. Once our fencing is installed on site it is highly efficient for thee solution it provides and only consumes around 40 watts when fully functioning. Another reason to have electric fencing installed is that a large no. of insurers require this if your site is of high value making this perfect for large sites.


  • Can be attached to the top of most existing perimeter fences or walls
  • Also for use as a stand-alone fence within an existing perimeter
  • Alarm signal linked via the controller can be configured to activate sirens, lights, phone diallers etc.
  • Delivers non-lethal electric shock
  • Optional zoning of fence to isolate point of attempted breach
  • Features high tensile wires spaced at every 50-100mm with a safe, high voltage pulse sent down alternate wires every second
  • Complies with all current standards including IEC 60335 -2-76
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation and annual maintenance contracts available
  • All systems are checked by our in-house technicians to make sure they comply

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