PulseSecure™ Perimiters

Britannia Security Group are accredited dealers for PulseSecure™ Perimiters products. These electronic security systems are specifically designed to meet the growing demands for reliable perimeter fence systems for the protection of people, property and assets.

Our PulseSecure™ Perimiters products include FenceSecure™ and WallSecure™ detection systems which have a proven track record for the protection of:

  • Industrial units
  • Buildings
  • Factories
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Storage compounds
  • Logistics depots
  • Car storage compounds
  • Military
  • Government premises and establishments.
PulseSecure™ Perimiters perimiter fence systems

PulseSecure™ Perimiters – Specifications

These detection systems operate from 12 to 24v DC power supplies. Zone alarm relays with programmable normally open or closed alarm outputs are standard. The fence systems can easily be interfaced with all types of CCTV and alarm monitoring systems.

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